July 1966 Toshiba Monofrax was founded with start-up capital of 205,714,000 yen. The investment was 51% from Toshiba Ceramics (which later became Covalent Materials) and 49% from Carborundum.
November 1966 Toshiba Monofrax started to produce Electroformin refractory.
January 1967 Toshiba Monofrax increased the capital to 573,061,000 yen.
June 1972 Toshiba Monofrax started to produce and sell ceramic fiber products under the brand name of Fiberfrax.
October 1967 Kozaki facility was constructed in Chiba.
1976 Toshiba Monofrax developed a polycrystalline mullite fiber under the brand name of Fibermax.
September 1982 Toshiba Monofrax launched Fibermax.
May 1983 Toshiba Monofrax launched D Block that we developed.
September 1986 Engineering Center was constructed in Kozaki facility.
October 1990 Vacuum forming facility was constructed in Kozaki facility
1991 Toshiba Monofrax launched Fibermax 1800 grade.
April 1999 Carborundum sold its 49% stake in Toshiba Monofrax to Saint Gobain.
April 2000 Toshiba Monofrax changed the brand name of ceramic fiber to Fiberexcel.
April 2003 Toshiba Ceramics sold its interest to Saint Gobain, Toshiba Monofrax became Saint Gobain TM.
March 2005 Tokyo office relocated to Chuo-ku from Chiyoda-ku in Tokyo
April 2005 Isolite acquired ceramic fiber business of Saint Gobain TM, company name became ITM.
June 2005 ITM Europe GmbH was established in Germany.
August 2005 Kozaki facility achieved ISO 14001 certification.
September 2005 Kozaki facility achieved ISO 9001 certification.
October 2005 ITM Europe GmbH commenced business operations.
March 2006 Logistics Center constructed in Omigawa, Chiba.
July 2006 A new production line was constructed for Fibermax in the Kozaki facility.
October 2007 ITM Europe GmbH became a member of the refractory ceramic fiber association in Europe.
October 2008 A new production line was constructed for Fibermax in Kozaki facility.
January 2012 ITM-UNIFRAX, a 50-50 joint venture with Unifrax I LLC, was established.